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M&C operates in-house Automation Department with the goal of 'Production Efficiency & Maximization’ since its establishment in 2007. We have continually improved our competitiveness and production efficiencies by implementing automation in coating, UV coating, non-chromate lines, tapping machine and various measuring equipments. M&C emphasizes automation to further enable production efficiency, cost-saving and technological innovation.

Production Line & Process Automation

Index Tapping Machine

8 Axis Index Type

  • 60° rotating index type cylinder
  • Using M1- 2 size tool type : facilitate changing model and maintaining precise production
30 Asix Tapping Machine

30 Axis Palette Type

  • Dedicated belt type tapping machine
  • Processing drilling and tapping in sequence on jigs
  • Increasing productivity up to 4 times comparing to normal CNC machines
Auto Bolt Insert Machine

Auto Bolt Insert Machine

  • X,Y and Z servo-type bolt-inserting machine. (Simultaneously, at the same time)
Paint Process U-type Conveyer

Paint Process U Conveyer

  • Paint-spraying line - conveyer for inspection, loading/unloading and jig assembling
Injection Insert Machine

Injection Insert Machine

  • Facilitate changing models (automation of inserting)
Ultrasonic Washing

Ultrasonic Washing Machine

  • Removing foreign and process residual with mighty vibration in access of 25MHz
  • Automated lines from bubble washing to drying in line
Gasket Dispensor Machine

Dispensor Machine

  • Dispensing fixed amount of gasket glue
Auto assembley
with wision inspection

Auto assembly with vision inspection

  • Auto generate QR codes and assemble printers and vision test equipment

Process Inspection Measuring

Vision Test Machine
Battery Plate
Hot Paste Machine
Nail Auto Glue Machine
Battery Adhesiveness
Test Machine
Flatness Adjusting Machine
Gate Polishing Machine
Flatness Sensing Machine
Resistance Checking Machine